The Lotusbloom

by Jules Rendell

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released February 24, 2014


all rights reserved



Jules Rendell London, UK

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Track Name: Carry On
Whenever it rains on your parade
Or you teared the walls that kept you safe
Whenever life deals you a hand that leaves you wondering if you’ll smile again
If the pain is what defines
The days, the weeks, the months, the years that pass you by
I know what that’s like, I can help you if you let me try, o-oh

Cos there is peace in the eye of the storm
And if you feel afraid then you can run into my arms
I’m right here, when you feel alone
So don’t you give up, I will help you carry on

This morning you just stayed in bed
Felt too hard to fight the war inside your head
Seems nobody understands, can anybody lend a hand? I can.
So reach out when your feeling down.
I’m a friend who’s always gonna be around
I can help you recover, put your feet on solid ground, o-oh

I will help you... Carry on, when you feel like giving up
You will need to stay strong when you think you’ve had enough
Lift your eyes and see the rising of the sun
Track Name: The Lotusbloom
In the light of the moon shines the lotusbloom
She awaits her love’s face, the bride to meet her groom
I know he’s done all he planned
Brought to life what was trembling and scared
Took her out the sun, mended what was broken
Until her heart was won

She’s a beauty that bloomed in the dark
Glimmering jewels for her scars
And here love has proved all he can do with a wounded heart

Oh, the petals unfold, there’s growing and groans
As the break up begins of the new life that wins over old
Some long to be free to escape what they think people see
And turn around and run from the burning of the sun
And like her overcome
Track Name: One Day
It’s the little things that wear you down
The things that I don’t care about
The way I fall in and out of loving
Pretending that you cannot see
Making promises that I won’t keep
But every now and then I’ll give you something
You hold to the hope that I will change
That I will spare you from the pain I’m causing

Yeah! And you’ll keep on waiting
Yeah! There’s a hope that’s rising
Yeah! There is freedom coming
One day, I will be all that you have wanted

Swallowing a glass of pride
Coming to apologise
I think it’s up to me to keep things going
You show me what is beautiful
Surprising me with endless love
Point me back to where our friendship started

Still believing I am going to change
That I will be all that you have wanted

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